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Pig Coloring Sheets

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Pig Coloring Pages
Terms commonly used on Pig Farms for identification:

newborn pig
Runt: smallest piglet in the litter
Sow: adult female pig
Boar: adult male pig
Feeder pig: piglet after it's weaned from the sow, also known as 'weaner' pig
Farrow: to give birth
Gilt: female pig that has never farrowed
Litter: group of piglets born at one time from the same sow

Pig Breeds
There are a wide variety of Pigs breeds. some are bigger, some are smaller, some are white, others are black some are bred of a combination of two or three different breeds resulting in pigs with the best traits from each breed.
Pig Food
Pigs eat grains for instance corn, barley and soybeans, mixed in with vitamins and minerals. Pig feed is usually all mixed together, often into a pellet, kind of like dog food.

Pig Parts Humans use
Raising pigs today gives us their meat or pork Ham, bacon, sausage, pepperoni and pork chops all come from pigs.Almost everything from each pig is used to provide us with many items including: leather, soap, medicines . In Medicine parts of the pig can be used to help humans heal like heart valves.

Pig Sayings
Your room looks like a pig pen.
Pigs might fly
Clear up that Pig Sty
Don't eat like a pig.
We were happier than a pig in mud.
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How to Draw a Pig

~ click here for printable step by step instructions on how to draw a pig
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