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Pirate Flag Picture
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Pirate Flag Fact File
~ A Pirate Flag is also called a "Jolly Roger"
~ Each Pirate had their own flag
~ Pirate Flags were designed to strike terror in their victims for example; the hour glass was placed on Pirate Emanuel Wynne to show his victims time was running out.

Common Symbols on a Pirate Flag
~ Hour glass
~ Skull
~ Dagger
~ Bleeding hearts
~ Cross bones
~ Skeletons
~ Sword
For further information on flag symbols and their meanings

Common Colors
~ Black
~ Red
~ White

~ Yellow

Pirates and Their Flags

~ Stede Bonnet- An unlikely pirate because he left a respected job as an owner of a sugar plantation to become a pirate. His Flag had a skull in the center with a bone lying horizontal beneath. With two symbols either side.
~ Edward England- His life as a pirate began when his ship was captured by Christopher Winter. He didn't believe in torturing victims unless they could not be persuaded by any other means. England is known for releasing a captured merchant. His flag consisted of a skull with crossbones underneath.
~ Henry Every- One of the few Pirates to sail the Indian Ocean. He seized amazing treasure in the Red Sea that made him a hero to underpaid sailors. A side view of a skull wearing a bandanna with crossbones beneath.
~ Edward Low- Known to be an extremely cruel pirate who was sent adrift by his own crew. His flag had a red skeleton on a black background.
~ Walter Kennedy- was a lieutenants who set out on his own only to be hanged in 1721. His Flag had both symbols of the skull and cross bones with a pirate holding an hour glass and a sword.
~ Christopher Moody- A pirate who tied his victims to his mask. His flag with a winged hour glass is said to have meant the victims living time was flying away. It also hand an arm holding a dagger in the center and a skull, cross bone to the right.
~ Jack Rackam- also known as a Calico Jack. This Pirates flag consists of a skull above two crossed swords.
~ Bartholomew Roberts An extremely successful pirate capturing over 400 ships. One of his flags had a picture of himself and a skeleton holding an hour glass. The other had him standing on two skulls.
~ Edward Teach (Blackbeard)- A pirate nicknamed black beard for his facial hair which he would set alight to scare his enemies. His flag has a skeleton holding an hour glass and a dagger striking a bloody heart.
~ Thomas Tew- A pirate who successful plundered cargo ships in the Red Sea. His flag was of an arm holding a sword.
~ Emanuel Waynne- His fag had an hourglass below a skull with crossbones.
~ Richard Worley- A pirate who was captured when he and his crew mistook two ships as merchants. His flag had a skull with crossbones behind it.
Pirate Flag Picture
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Emanuel Waynne
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Pirate Flag Picture
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Pirate Flag Coloring Page
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