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Pirate Flag Websites
Pirate Flag Fact File

~ A Pirate Flag is also called a "Jolly Roger"
~ Each Pirate had their own flag
~ Pirate Flags were designed to strike terror in their victims

Pirate Flag Symbols and Their Meanings
Hour Glass ~Inferring that the victims time was running out to surrender. Or that their living time was coming to an end.
~ It could also be raised in a toast of death or victory.
~ In this flag the wings on the hour glass infer that the victims life was flying away from them.
Skull and Cross Bones
Pirate Flag Websites
~A symbol taken from tomb stones or the earlier depiction's of the crucifix. This type of crucifix was rarely seen after the pirates used it to instill fear.
~ In this particular flag the crossbones beneath the skull almost indicate a beheading. Without body a head is dead. ~The crossbones can be seen as the mark of death and the skull as the proof.
Bleeding Hearts ~Representing a long drawn out painful death.
~ In this particular flag your attention is drawn to the red bleeding heart which has been striked by a spear indicates a torturous death.
Sword or dagger ~Symbolising a violent death. In this flag a muscular arm holds the swords representing strength combined with an unwavering death as it is positioned ready to fight.
Pirate Flag Websites
~Symbolising torment.
~ In this Particular flag the skeleton is a personified version of death.
~ Here he along side the captain are toasting death and its victory.
Common Colors and Their Meanings
Pirate Flags Blackbeard
Black   ~Symbolic of the end and death. ~Associated with pirates in the 1700's.
White   ~Commonly used when in the chase. ~Used on an American pirate ship flag in the 18th century for horizontal white stripes over red.
Red   ~The color of blood and no mercy.
~Red commonly meant no life would be spared or 'no quarter given'.
~Associated with pirates in the 1700's until the 19th century.
Pirate Flag Websites
  ~The meaning of this color was unknown by the 17th century however it is also a bright grab your attention color which when used with the others should be taken as a warning
~Used sparingly
Pirate Flags Blackbeard the pirate

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