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Pirate Flags Blackbeard
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Pirates Name Blackbeard or Edward Teach (Thatch, Tache or Tatch)
Born Around 1680 in Bristol
Introduction He served on a ship (Jamaican sloop) commanded by Pirate Benjamin Hornigold in 1716. Black Beards career began when Hornigold made him a captain of another captured trading sloop.
Fleet The Queen Anne's Revenge (captured by Hornigold and Blackbeard), Adventure, Revenge, and one unknown.
Pirate Flags Blackbeard

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Sailed The American coast and Caribbean with Hornigold. Sailed near Saint Vincent arriving in Bath, North Carolina in January 1718. He then Sailed for the Bay of Honduras dropping anchor where he met Stede Bonnet. The two became allies for a short time until Blackbeard held him captive and took his ship. Once released he continued North of Honduras and made his way to North Carolina then back to bath where he settled for a few months.Blackbeard was a hero amongst the community of Bath. He then left for Philadelphia.
Ships Captured or Plundered French Merchant Ship "The Concorde", Adventure, Revenge,one unknown and many more plundered.
His Ship Was Captured By The Royal Navy
Died A warrant was issued for blackbeards arrest and Governor Spotswood seized the opportunity to send two sloops to attack. Black Beard the Pirate was killed off the coast of North Carolina by the Royal Navy on November 22nd 1718. Pirate Flags Blackbeard
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