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Pirate Henry Avery Information
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Pirates Name John Avery, Long Ben, Benjamin Bridgeman and Henry Avery or Every
Born 1665
Introduction Born in West England near Plymouth his early years were spent at sea on a variety of ships. One night when every served on a ship called the 'Duke' under Captain Gibson Every and a few others set sail out of the Spanish Port with a career in piracy in mind in 1694.
His Ships Name Fancy (previously the 'Duke')
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Sailed 'He set sail for Madagascar arriving off the Arabian Coast. His fleet split before Every headed for St.Thomas to sell cargo. The great Mogul threatened to cut of trade unless a bounty was placed on Every's band. Every was not welcome in the West Indies or British colonies from then on. The remaining crew continued back to Ireland.
Ships Captured or Plundered Duke' or 'Charles' his first ship. Every plundered 3 British ships of the coast of Cape Verde Islands. Once arriving off the Arabian coast Every plundered an Indian ship after a long battle; 'Ganj-i-sawai'.
His Ship Was Captured By Some of Every's crew was captured and hung in 1696. Every was never captured and the quality of his life after piracy is unknown.
Died He died a celebrity to some around 1728.
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