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~ A fairy is most commonly known to be a small human like creature with wings

Pixies Fairies Elves

What is a Fairy?
~ "An imaginary Supernatural being" -Websters English Dictionary
~ In a broader sense a fairy is a magical supernatural being and could therefore include all of the types of fairies below
~ A fairy is most commonly known to be a small human like creature with wings

Types of Fairies
Asrais~ Delicate Female fairies who melt if captured or exposed to sunlight
Banshee ~ A female spirit attached to a particular family
Bogles~ Bad natured Goblins
Brownies ~ Helpful Fairies dedicated to a household or family
Dwarfs ~ Are short, stocky and mature quickly
Dryads ~ Spirits who dwell in trees particularly the oak
Elves ~ Another name for Trooping Fairies
Fire Fairies ~ Flames spirits or elementals who have the power to create and destroy
Fir Darrig ~ Fearsome practical jokers
Garden Fairies ~ They dance amongst the flowers bringing beauty to the garden
Gnomes ~ Earth Elementals who live underground and protect earths treasures
Goblins ~ Small ugly fairy's who usually work together to cause trouble
Gwregedd Annwn ~ Welsh Water Fairies
Gwyllion ~ Scottish Water Fairy who like to watch passers by sometimes misleading them
Hobgoblins ~ General name or friendly Brownies
Knockers ~ Mine Spirits who knock where riches can be found
Leprechauns ~ Are sly, sneaky and can disappear before the blink of an eye
Los Aluxes ~ Live in the ancient temples of Mexico
Pixies ~ Mischievious fairies who can take on many forms and enjoy stealing horses to ride
Phouka ~ Appear in many animal forms
Redcap ~ Living in wicked old tunnels, a Goblin who dyes his hat in human blood
Rock Fairies ~ Wise ones
Selkies ~ Appear in the sea or ocean and reveal themselves first as a beautiful woman
Shefro ~ Male Fairies wearing red caps and green coats
Sidhee ~ Fairies with subterranean dwellings
Sluagh ~ A Highland fairy who's the host of pagan ancestors
Sprites ~ Change the color of the leaves in Autumn
Spriggans ~ Ugly thieves who can inflate themselves to huge sizes
Trolls and Trows ~ Despise day light
Urisk ~ Of unattractive appearance, a solitary fairy who will often seek human company
Undines ~ Water Fairies with beautiful voices
Pixies Fairies Elves

The Difference between Pixies Faries Elves

~The most common form of fairy is depicted as a female with wings
~ Elves are airy spirits who play stringed instruments and love to dance. They can live underground or near water. They are sometimes winged.
~ Pixies are usually wingless with pointed ears and often wear a pointed hat and green clothes.


~ It is said that fairies are half of the Irish race who were made invisible
~ Many Christians believe that fairies were angels sent from heaven because they did not take either side of Lucifer or St. Michael. On earth they can choose to take the side of good or evil.
~ Fairies were often blamed for mischief caused
~ Some believe fairies to be nature deities

Fairy Myths
~ Bells, Crosses and Horse shoes hung above a doorway can prevent fairies from entering homes. A four leaf clover is said to protect you from fairy spells and in somecases if you are very still make them visible.

pixies fairies elves,pictures of pixies or fairies,beautiful fairies art,Faries History,fairy names
Are Fairies real?
~ as real as you want them to be
~ open your art to the nature spirits, feel the wind gently caressing your face and listen to the sounds of nature, the voices of the fairies will carry the sounds of nature asking you to respect the environment and live in peaceful coexistence with all creatures on this earth
~ Pixies Fairies Elves are often refereed to as "Nature Angels" , the angelic energies looking after the nature kingdom on earth
pixies fairies elves,pictures of pixies or fairies,beautiful fairies art,Faries History,fairy names
Common spellings
common spellings of the word Fairy include: Fairy, Fairies, Faery, Faeries, Faerie ,Fey , Fee and Fairys

Fairy Names
~ click for a selection of Fairy Names and their common descriptions

Fairies Fact Sheets

Male Fairy Names and Elves Names

Female Fairy Name and Elf Name

Fairy Sayings

Elf Quotes

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