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No Bake Cookie Recipes


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Print No Bake Cookie Recipes Rice Crispies

~ Maya and I love cooking, and we love eating. We always try out new recipes and would love to know what your favourite kid friendly recipes are

~ Here is one of our favourite section of homemade cookie recipes - The No Bake Cookies, ideal for a quick kid recipe especially when they want to have a tasty treat NOW !

Easy Cookie Recipes - No Baking Required
Yummy Rice Krispies Cookies

Ingredients for this No Bake Recipe

1 pkg Rice Krispies (5-1/2 oz).
30 marshmallows
1/3 cup butter
1/2 tsp vanilla
( you may need a doubleboiler to melt the marshmellows)

How to Make the No Bake Rice Krispies Cookies

In a doubleboiler melt the butter and marshmallows
~ When melted add the vanilla to the mixture
~ Blend well
~ Greade a large bowl with butter
~ Add the Rice Krispies
~ Take the marshmellow/butter mixture and pur on top of rice krispies
~ keep stirring as you are adding the mixture
~ When completely mixed push mixture into a greased pan
~ push down tightly in all corners
~ Let the mixture cool ( put into fridge if your kids really really can't wait any linger ;-)
~ when cooled down cut he cookies into squares and serve to your kids

This easy no bake cookie recipe can be altered by adding a little bit of coconut, or a couple of spoonfuls of raisins or a sprikling of aniseed.

This is the Print No Bake Cookie Recipes Rice Krispies Version, for the colored version of this cookies kid recipe click here

*** This Rice Krispies marshmallow squares recipe is a very easy kid recipe, although a little help with double boiler may be required
If you dont have a doubleboiler you can make do by putting a large and a smaller saucepan inside each other, filling te larger one with the water )

~ What is your favourite No Bake Cookie Recipe ?
~ Have you ever made No Bake Cookies ?

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