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Real Fairy Photograph

Fact File

Do Real Pictures of Fairies Exist?
~ In 1917 two girls Frances Griffiths and Elsie Wright aged 10 and 16, living in West Yorkshire claimed they had taken photos of Fairies
~ Some said that the girls faked the photos to convince the adults they had seen Fairies although at the time it was unknown as to how they faked the photos
~ Others argued that the girls had no knowledge of photo editing
~ In an interview in 1975 when asked about the photographs Elsie said " I've told you that they're photographs of figments of our imagination and that's what I'm sticking to"
~ Later in 1982 the girls admitted to faking the first four photographs but still say the 'Fairies and their sun bath' is real
~ It is now believed that to the modern eye it can be easily seen that the photos were faked
~In a close examination one can see where the pin passes through the paper in order to hold the images on
(especially in the gnome picture)

Their Real Fairy Photos Included:
~ 'Frances and the Fairies' Taken July 1917 by Elsie
~ 'Elsie and Gnome' September Taken 1917 by Frances
~ 'Frances and the Leaping Fairy' Taken 1920 by Elsie
~ 'Elsie and flower offering Fairy'
Taken 1920 by Frances
~ 'Fairies and their sun bath Taken in 1920

View These Real Fairy Photographs

Are Fairies Real?
~ So it is known that four of the photos were fake but the question still remains did Elsie and Francis see real Fairies? and do Fairies exist?
~ In the book 'Real Fairies' by David Tame peoples real encounters with the fairy kingdom are described. It makes great reading if you have asked the question- Are Fairies Real?
~ Don't discount the possibility
~ It may simply be a case of believing enabling you to see them
~ Children in particular are open to experiences with Fairies because they believe everything
~ Ultimately it is up to you to discover
~ Whatever your stance you cannot deny that Fairies bring joy to all who believe in them

Fairy Tale- A True Story
The story of Elsie and Frances was turned into a movie released in 1997
Fairy Tale is based on the actually events occurring in 1917 around the girl's Fairy encounters.
~ The events have certainly caused many people to wonder if Fairies exist. We are all presented with the choice to open to the magic of possibility or not. If you choose to this movie makes for beautiful viewing.

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