Scottish Castles Urquhart Castle

Urquhart, Scottish Castles Urquhart Castle on the Banks of Loch Ness Scotland

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Urquhart Castle

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~ Castles fir up the imagination and transport you into imaginary lands
~ historical re-enactment is one of the fun ideas for enhancing castle lessonplans, unit studys on medieval life , and general studies of the middle ages
~ Castles come in all shapes from and sizes and we would like to show you our favourite ones
~ Join us while we explore the castle history of british royal homes like windsor castle , balmoral castle and buckingham palace
~ we will include lots of castle images to transport you visually into your castle adventure
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Urquhart Castle Tour Guide

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Urquhart Castle

urquhart castle Scottish Castle near Inverness on Loch Ness Shore
Scottish Castle - Urquhart Castle Picture
scottish castles urquhart castle

Castle Location

Scotland, Loch Ness Castle near Inverness
~the beautiful picturesque Urquhart Castle are situated 2 miles from Drumnadrochit
Telephone +44 (0)1456 450551.

Castle First Impressions

~ we loved the beautiful location of this medieval scottish castles overlooking the amazing Loch Ness
~ a real treasure for playing knights, princesses and Kings, this lets your imagination run wild
~ is is mainly ruined but there is still lots to see and to be climbed upon, and in good weather a walk along the shores of Loch Ness
Scottish Castles Urquhart Castle

Urquhart Castle History :

~ originally there was a Pictish fort overlooking Loch Ness on the space where Urquhart Castle now stands and it has been speculated that there may even have been an Iron Age stronghold before that.
~ some historians believe that King William the Lion may also have built a wooden fortress on the site before the first stone castle was ever build
~ Around 1230, Alan Durward was appointed lord of Urquhart
~ King Edward of England marched into Scotland in 1296 occupied Urquhart Castle and left an English garrison there
~ Robert the Bruce took Urquhart castle in 1308
~ the castle changed hands several times until in the 17th century the castle had been rebuilt and was occupied by the Urquhart family
~ it was raided by the Covenanters in 1644 and every possible treasure of value removed bu the vandals
~ By the end of the 17th century it was no longer a stronghold and became a ruin once again
~ In 1912 Urquhart Castle was handed over to the state and has been looked after by Historic Scotland ever since

~ scottish castles urquhart castle

Castle Insider Tips

~ there is an excellent visitor centre run by Historic Scotland which includes an exhibition about scottish castles urquhart castle, film show, shop and restaurant
~ there is still a real wooden gangway , a bit drawbridge like to enter Urquhart Castle there which well send many a young knights imagination running wild
~ Try going right down to the shore via the water-gate which is located directly opposite the gate-house , this would have benn the way that people entered this scottish castle in the olden days
~ Even if you are coming across this area during the nigth it s worth a visit as the whole of this scottish castle is floodlit at night- a beautiful sight

Castle Must Sees - What we liked best

~ 16th century tower house
~ a gatehouse,
~ ancient castle walling overlooking Loch Ness
~ brilliant Loch Ness view and walk around this scottish castles urquhart castle

Castle Horror - What we did not like
~ there used to be hardly any parking around this scottish castles urquhart castle and people would park on the grass verges destroying the beautiful countryside
~ please take care when visiting to leave the place intact for other people to enjoy its beauty
Castle Characters:

~ very often a real scottish piper can be heard on the grounds of Urquhart Castle
~ a BagPiper is a man playing a bagpipe and wearing a scottish kilt ( the traditional scottish costume) can be found at Urquhart Castle

Castle Visits

Opening Hours

Summer opening hours are
Monday to Sunday 9.30am - 6.30pm (last entry 5.45pm)
In the winter (October - March),
9.30 am - 4.30pm (last entry 3.45pm).

Castle Entry Costs
~Admission charge 6 pounds for adults, 2.40 for children.

Castle Facilities:
~ there a no facilities at this castle as it is more or less a ruin
~ there is a visitor centre nearby which includes an exhibition, film show, shop and restaurant

Scottish Castles Urquhart Castle

Castle Kids:
~ this scottish castles Urquhart Castle has stunning views over Loch Ness and kids will have a faboulous time going "Monster Spotting" at Loch Ness
~ kids will love this castleas you can clamber all over it, climp the 5ft tower, walk the drawbridge and imagine being a princess climbing up the beautiful spiral staircase wiating for your dashing prince to rescue you
~ there is a fab Loch Ness exhibitions at Drumnadrochit which we loved, with a big film, a "real " Nessie Loch Ness Monster in the pond and lots of interactive stuff to enjoy with kids ( to have the Nessie sculpture there is brilliant for little kids who get easily disappointed if they cant spot Nessie :-) in the Loch Ness, Maya was well happy to see it
~ It is soo much fun taking a boatride on Loch Ness going hunting for "Nessie" the Loch Ness Monster, we did not see it but hey maybe you have better luck
~ if you are in the area for a while try making a visit Dolphin watching on Moray Firth , you can take a cruise along the Moray Firth to look for bottle nosed dolphins. You may also spot seals, porpoises and sea birds such as osprey and terns

~ Have you ever visited a scottisch castle ?
~ Which one is your favourite castle ?

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