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Short Christmas Poem Maker

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mily christmas poem

#Short Christmas Poems
This is a fun way to get inspired for creating your very own personalized Christmas Peom or a short Christmas Greeting to go into your Christmas Card.
#Christmas Poem Maker
create merry festive tidings happy jesus peace straw
star imagine spirit year snow earth pine on
white woman each family child is new want
Santa you light gift glisten cheer I but
glad gather enjoy true whim see the your
we harvest present eyes dark fresh eternal wisdom
want old yet receive will wiser given ask
day roots jingle all loaded always way from
yourself sun dance ask trust receive given silly
deep glistening feeling ray glowing edge anew pool
surprise to and shallow sending within feel me
sun seeing growth without horizon love with sparkle
whispered pudding expensive upon Hanukkah everyone right sticky
gives Christmas joyfully time gather whispering gives Kwaanza
season truth visualize mild knowing solstice joy of
seed in this rejoyce us glimmer sow here
up sticky holly father bring wish bear pudding
mirror mistletoe thoughts world like wrap ivy god
come moon want could linger goddess would lake
green life sleigh inner bearing contemplate always gifts
memories icicle world man happiness for goodwill reflection
Sample Christmas Poem Short

Santa and Snow
Christmas Near
Everyone come
dance into the New Year

rejoyce in inner knowing wisdom
bearing memories of light


joyfully gather here
where spirit gives each year
knowing inner wisdom
is wispered in each ear


mistletoe wishes
wiser always
with reflection

Amanda, UK

Christmas Sparkle
joyfully glistening
gather the harvest
of seeds given

Diane, US

Come into the Christmas Moon
knowing spirit is with you

Sheila, Cyprus


whispering peace.

create thoughts of joy

imagine spirit glowing for all

Jos , New Zealand

~ Have you ever tried writing your own christmas poem ?

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