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Soccer Chant


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Lucy Learns about Soccer

What Makes a Good Soccer Football Song?
What Makes a Good Football Song or Soccer Anthem?

~ its simple and rhythmic
~ it can easily be learned
~ it has a good pitch, aka can be sung comfortable by lots of different voices
~ lyrics are not too complicated
~ songs that install confidence for your team

Soccer Football Chant

Actions to Accompany Chanting at Soccer Games

~ often chanting actions are passed down from soccer fan father to son or daughter
~ the most comon chanting actions are rhythmic clapping ,stamping of feet, pointing and mock-bowing down to a player.
~ often a range of musical instruments can accompany the soccer songs from beating a drum in place of clapping, to having a complete band playing
soccer chant

Soccer Songs and Chants

~ these chants can be personalized to your favourite soccer team

Chant 1:

And it's "Soccer Club Name"
"Soccer Name" FC
They're by far the greatest team
The world has ever seen

~ "Soccer Team Name" changes depending on the soccer club.
~ Many soccer chants use varied ways to accomodate the soccer teams name to fitinto the required four syllables to fit the soccer chant tune.

Chant 2

You're not singing
You're not singing
You're not singing any more
You're not singing any more

~ simple soccer song
~ commonly sung when an equalising goal is scored, thereby trying to silence the fans of the opposing soccer team.

Cup Soccer Ticket World
Soccer Songs for Soccer Fans

~ what is favourite soccer anthem ?
~ Do you have a favourite soccer chant ?

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