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Anne Bonny Pirate A Famous Woman ggggggggggg Pirates Fact Sheet
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Pirates Name Anne Bonny
Born 1700-1705
Introduction Anne Bonny was born in Ireland and then moved to South Carolina with her mother and father. She married a seaman named James Bonney and they set of for the Bahamas where they came across Calico Jack. Anne and Calico Jack snuck aboard a merchant sloop. This is where her pirate career began.
Her Ships Name Bonney served on Calico Jacks ship; Treasure

After falling in love with Anne in 1717 Calico Jack could not bear to be apart from her. Calico Jack smuggled Anne Bonny to sea disguised as a man where she soon established herself as a fearsome pirate. The duo were soon joined by a further famous woman Pirate, Mary Read.

She Captured the Ships... A Dutch trader which Mary Read was aboard
Her Ship Was Captured By... The British in 1721
Died When it came to the trial of the crew. Anne and Mary Pleaded for their bellies. They were pregnant and so their lives were spared. Anne either escaped custody or was bailed out by her father. She Died in 1782.
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