Toy Castles

Toy Castles Collection, Favourite Castle Toys from Fantasy Castles to Playmobil

Toy Castles

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~ Castles fir up the imagination and transport you into imaginary lands
~ All kinds of castles have been desinged to play with, yet it helps to really

Toy Castle Collection
look at their quality as it is very frustrating when doors dont open properly or the galloping knight gets stuck on a drawbridge that does not work - what a disaster ;-)
~ may hours of creative play can be had when engineering and building a castle toy set up , and equally many a young princess can be won over by a dashing knight in creative drama plays
~ historical re-enactment is one of the fun ideas for enhancing castle lessonplans, unit studys on medieval life , and general studies of the middle ages
~ Castles come in all shapes from and sizes and we would like to show you our favourite ones

Lego Castle

Toy Castle Lego Castle Picture

Lego Castle

~ There is a real lego castle adventure going on here.
~ The Lego knights are out in full force ready to defend their stronghold
~ and all that castle action adventure would not be complete without a fierce Dragon that a brave knight will encounter
~ we also have a hogwarts lego castle we love to play with, Maya is still abit young for some of the smaller assembly bits in the lego harry potter hogwarts castle but mum loves it ;-)
~ be careful to save all the lego castle instructions as it is so much esier to identify certain castle part when you have a picture clue
~ how to build lego castles is up to you, follow the castle instructions or let your own imagination run wild and build a fantasy castle
~ lego castle minifigs are quite detailed, but for younger kids the larger toy knights are ideal too
~ the classic lego castle is still an all-time favourite
~ for beginner adventurers there is a Lego Duplo Castle with small rounded brick stones for little hands to grab


TOy Knigth LEgo Knight Image
Lego Knights

~Toy knights to protect those toy castles
~Jayko and Santis Lego knights are slightly larger and we love taking those around when playing on the road, lego knight and castles fun
~ they are around 15cm tall, so the handling is really easy and even younger kids can really play with them as action figures

Playmobil Castle

  Toy Castle Playmobil Castle Picture
Playmobil Castle being rebuild

~ this is the traditional playmobil castle, more like a fort I guess too
~ there is is a Fairytale castle for girls in pink, it is more of a wooden fantasy castle rather then a medieval castles toy

playmobil knight castle banguet table
playmobil knight castle banguet table

~The playmobil figures are as always excellent.
~ the attention to detail in playmobil castles and indeed playbobil figures is amazing, so many little lifelike accessories make re-enacting historical events so much more realistic
~ great for adding a bit of fun, exitement and creative imaginative drama into your lessonplans and homeschool projects
~ In this castle empire knight playmobil the King and Queen are holding a medieval banquet. Maybe it's in honor of their brave knights?

~ We are also going to add picture of castles , real life castles so sign up for Maya's and Lila's newsletter if you would like to be kept up-to-date.
~ Fotm Chateau Camelot Castle in wooden constructions to playmobil casltes in excellent details, Toy castles never create to create a fantasy of medieval fun

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