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~ it is amazing to see how many of the family pet names are closely related to human names
~ it is understood that the choosing of a pet name of human origin makes it clear how important a role our pets play in our family
~ See the most popular names for pets and the favorite pet names in our family

Unique Pet Name for Pet Rabbit Chips

Maya's pet rabbit "Chips"

Most Popular Pet Names

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Favourite Pet Names

Unusual Pet Names in our family

~ Names especially funny pet names have always been liked in our family
~ We have been choosing unique pet names that make us laugh, are personal to the pet animals character or simply seem to stick despite every attempt to divert it
~ looking back we seem to favour food pet names
which is really weird -

~ we currently give a home to Broccoli the Cat and indeed as you can see by our pet photo on the top Chips the Rabbit :-) yummy unique pet names indeed

Top Pet Names

~ Choosing Animal Names for your new pet is a fun way to make it part of your family

~ if it is your kids pet then the child has probably his or her own ideas on favorite pet names that may even change as you get used to the new arrival

~ if your new pet is to be a family pet then a joint decision between all family members on how to name to new pet is a fair way of choosing a cute pet name

~ If you are adopting a pet or rescuing a pet then it may already have a pet name that it responds too, it might be difficult to change that but additional "Nicknames" for your pet can be chosen too ;-)

~ How to choose a pet name is really personal preference, most popular names often are human equivalents or even celebrety pet name favorites

~ In the Uk a survey has been undertaken to find the most popular pet name and MAX was a clear winner

~ the pet name Max was popular amongst animals like dogs,chinchillas cats, rabbits and budgies

~ Max as NO 1 Pet name was followed closely by Ben and Charlie - we we wondering what happened to the girls ;-)

~The most popular dog name was Ben

~ The most popular cat name was Tigger

~ The most popular rabbit name was Thumper

~ The most popular budgie name was Joey
( this survey was held in 2004 by recording all the animals that had been treated by their animal vet)

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Good Pet Name - Choosing a Unique Pet Name
~ What is your most unique pet name you have ever given a pet of yours?
~ Do you like pets that have really cute pet names or with really weird pet names ?
~ Vote for your favorite pet name here

Pets for Child Animal Lovers
Remember !! Pets for Kids are an addition to the whole family and when choosing a family pet ,it is a decision for life.

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