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Waldorf Education
Rudolf Steiner Inspired Learning

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A Look at Waldorf Home Schooling

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Waldorf schools are inspired by the teachings of Rudolf Steiner . Waldorf schools operate independent private schools all over the world and a strong waldorf home schooling community exists in may countries

Waldorf Homeschool Curriculum Lucy Guardian Angel For Kids Travel and Family Vacation Angel

Whether to Choose a Waldorf Inspired Curriculum or to create your own Waldorf Home school agenda depends on your personal preference. Many curriculums can give the parent a springboard from which to create their own personalised version that appeal to their kids different temperaments

We love to be able to source ideas from many different sources as we believe in the uniqueness of each child and rarely a pre packaged waldorf school curriculum fits every singly child. We love Enki Educations approach to diversity, theior multicultural focus and inclusion of the whole families well being rather than just the childs education as an isolated approach
Waldorf Homeschool Curriculum
Here you can take a peek at different Waldorf Home School Curriculum Ideas and indeed inspired by Rudolf Steiner , Maria Montessori
or even Charlotte Mason

Enki Education
Christopherus Waldorf Curriculum
Live Education
Oak Meadow Curriculum
Websites from Families that Home School inspired by Waldorf / Rudolf Steiner
The Jones Family Waldorf Home Schooling
Waldorf Home Schooling
Teacher Resources and Kids Activities
~ Have you ever heard of Waldorf Home Schooling ?
~ Do you have a waldorf school close to you ?

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