What are Castles?

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~ Castles are such a common sight in England but have you ever wondered what a castle actually is?

What are Castles ?

~ Who built the first castle?
~ We are going to explore castle life and famous castles
~ Today english royalty the queen of england still wn several castles like windsor castle and the famous Tower of London
~ Lets explore knights in shining armour and tales of princess castles

~ All pages suitable for castle lessonplans, unit studies and general learning about english castles and foreign equivalents
Castles and Castle Life Explored

Our Kids Activites for the Theme :

~ Castle Coloring Pages
~ Castle Clipart from knights to princesses, castles and moats , find clipartcomplement your castle lessonplan, castle kids project or castle unit study here
~ Castle Poems
~ Castle Quotes

~ English Royalty
~ Toy Castles
~ Real Haunted Castles
~ Part of a Castle Terminology

English Castle Tour Guide
~ Tower of London
~ Buckingham Palace
~ Kensington Palace
~ Balmoral Castl
~ Windsor Castle

Scottish Castle Tour Guide
~ Urquhart Castle Loch Ness

Castle Fact Sheet

~ The latin origin for the name for Castle is Latin castellum,
~ this is derived from diminutive of castra, a military camp
~ icastrum is the plural and means watchpost - origins of fort, a camp and fortified enclosure.
What is a castle then?
~ the term castle is most often applied to a self-contained fortress, usually of the Middle Ages
~ A castle was primarily a military structure
~They were most often built on good vantage points - hills and cliffs. They usually had a defensive ring around them in the form of a moat, wall or ditch.
Castles were home to Kings, Queens and powerful nobility.
Castles became places of protection not only for their wealthy owners, but also for the local people.
~ Castles are generally large, fortified buildings.

What are castles made of?

~ the first castles were made of wood
~Later castles needed to be stronger and so stone was used in their construction.
~In contrast to the simple motte and bailey wooden constructions, stone castle were very expensive and time consuming to build.
~ A decent motte and bailey castle could be constructed in a matter of days. This was a very important skill for invading armies.
Most castles in England were built after the invasion of William the Conqueror in 1066.
~ William the Conqueror was responsible for the building of a great many castles in England and Wales.
~ His most famous being the Tower of London.

What are castles?
What is a castle is a question that we are going to explore more. What did castle life and indeed medieval life in the middle ages look like? Who was william the conqueror? Lets also take a look at some of the famous castles like the Tower of london .Come and explore Castle Kids Info with us!

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