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Homeschooling vs Public Schools
What is Unschooling ?
What is Radical Unschooling ?

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What is Unschooling ?

What is Unschooling, What is Radical Unschooling , Autonomous Learning Explored

Untitled Document

What is Unschooling ?
Parent and Teacher Resources

" A-Z Homeschooling Definitions?"

What is Homeschooling ? What is the difference between homeschooling and Unschooling ? Is there a right and a wrong way to home educate your child ? What are the best homeschooling materials for parent and teacher resources ? These and many other questions are faced by many homeschool parents and educators each day ... here at Lucy Learns we have sourced the web for some of the most inspiring homeschooling definitions and terms that help explain the variety and choice available

What is Unschooling ? Homeschooling vs Unschooling .. Definitions of Unschooling explained ...

The Loubodge Bird Lucy learns Big Animal Movies Clips
Lucy and The Loubodge Bird present ..
Unschooling Definitions

What is Unschooling ? Lucy looks at Unschooling Definitions from Radical Unschooling to Life Learning , Automomous Learning to Christian Unschooling , Unschooling and Homeschooling Myths explored



Questions about Unschooling Terms

~ What is Unschooling ?
- in its very basic term unschooling is a form of homeschooling wherby the child is educated without the use of a curriculum
what is unschooling - deeper definitions

terms to are often used to describe unschooling
~ child-led learning
~ non-coercive learning
~ natural learning
~ autonomous learning
~ independent learning
~ interest driven education
~ natural learning and unschooling

most unschoolers choose to educate their children
- without a timetable
- without a curriculum
however the child may choose to use a curriculum by itself ... so it becomes a non-coerced choice rather than a homeschooling curriculum enforced by the parental choice

- there are some differences between Unschooling and Radical Unschooling .. see definition of What is radical unschooling below

Unschooling Blogs

~ What is Radical Unschooling ?
~ in its very basic definition, radical unschooling extends to the entire life, not just the " educational part" , ie it is a lifestyle choice to let the child choose its own learning path whereby the parent acts as a faciliator rather than a teacher
what is radical unschooling - deeper definitions

- radical is a bit of a word that depends on what an individual considers to be " radical" versus another person considering the same thing to be " normal"

~ to me -- radical unschoolers choose to embrace a lifestyle choice that honors and respects all aspects of the growth of a child, including the entire family environment without seperating different aspects into " educational living " and " non-educational living "

Radical Unschooling Blogs

~ What is the difference between Homeschooling and Unschooling ?
in its very basic term homeschooling is educating a child at home versus usually using a curriculum or doing " School at home " ..whereas unschooling is educating a child at home too but without the use of curriulum of fixed timetables, but choosing an autonomous learning approach wherby the child choose its own learning interests and the parent faciliates space for the child to learn

~ What are unschooling requirements?
unschoolers dont tend to choose a lot of requirements other than to faciliate space for the child to learn

~ Argument against Unschooling
negatives of homeschooling are on the forefront on many people opposed to the idea of home educating a child , unschoolers face another whole set of arguments as there is often no " proof" that the child learns, no tests to compare, no statistics to adhere to ..

~ What are common Unschooling Myths?

~ Homeschooling and Unschooling Resources
Oftentimes homeschoolers and Unschoolers find themselves using the same resources and free online homeschool resources can be shared by many ... so we will try and create a homeschool resource library with active links to many of the fabulous resources created both for and by home educators

~ Homeschooling Jokes
~ Homeschooling Field Trips Ideas
~ Free Online Homeschool Resources
~ Homeschooling Printable Worksheets
~ Free Online Homeschools

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we hope you enjoyed our Homeschooling Definitions ,Lucy's Homeschooling Definitions Printables for Teachers and Parents of Homeschooling, Unschooling and Life Learning Kids
return from what is unschooling to our homeschooling vs public schools topic


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