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Why Did Pirates Exist

Why Did Pirates Exist, Profiles of Famous Pirate Names and Famous Woman Pirates

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Why did Pirates Exist?

History of Pirates
~ Pirates history dates back more then 3000 years depending on the accuracy of the word "pirate"
~ It is said that the word pirate was first used in about 140 BC by the Roman historian Polybius.
Definition of Piracy by Greek historian Plutarch ( about 100 A.D.)
~ "Pirates are those who attack without legal authority not only ships, but also maritime cities. "
~ Pirates were also described as "sea thieves".
~ Piracy: was the outlaw practice of preying on merchant ships and raiding coastal towns for profit.
~ Privateering: consisted of the same actions, but they were sanctioned by a government to be conducted against an enemy during war.
~ Pirates were sometimes asked to represent governments in their wars - called priveteering
~ they were given a license to attack enemy shipping on behalf of a specific king - thus then they were
~ When a privateer was caught by the enemy without a license he was tried as an "outlaw".

Why did Pirates exist?
~ Often depicted as "brave and dangerous pirates" Pirates sailed the seas in search of both fortune and fame
~ ~As in most societies there are outlaws, villains , people not abiding by the law yet breaking the law to obtain riches, power or coveted possessions.
~ Pirates are "outlaws" whom even persons who were not soldiers could kill.

~ It is often said that as long as goods have been transported by sea, there have been pirates.
~ "The Golden Age of Piracy" is said to be from 1680 - 1730
~ There are lots of myths created around he famous pirate names like the 16th century pirates Captain Blackbeard, Calico Jack, Captain Henry Avery and Edward England as well as famous woman pirates.
~ There were several factors that contributed to the "Why did pirates exist and created the Golden Age" question

1: there was lots of legitimate privateering and piracy in England . England did not have a "Navy" for a long time and instead relied on its merchant fleet recruited ad "privateers" . ( Dates back from 1243 )
2: the competition between the European empires. The Spanish had the strongest hold on the Caribbean and Central America. England, Holland and France were determined to get a piece of it and employed pirates and privateers to set up colonies in the Caribbean and gain power and wealth by force.

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