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Wolf Coloring Sheets

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Wolf Coloring Pages
Coloring Pages with Wolves and How to Draw Wolf

Wolf Fact File
~ A wolf is a wild animal that looks like a dog.
~ Wolves are in the same family as pet dogs.
~ Wolves live in remote forests. They hunt in packs and feed on deer, elk, and reindeer.
~ Wolfs are carnivorous mammals.
~ Wolves howl as a signal to other wolves in their pack.
~ Female wolves have four to six pups each spring.
~ Wolves hunt for food such ad deer, moose, caribou, elk, bison and beaver
~ Wolves can be grey, black, white or brown color
~ Wolves have the domestic dog as ancestors

Wolf Drawing Coloring Selection
Wolf Coloring Pages Wolf Picture 1
Wolf Coloring page Wolf Pic 2
Wolf coloring Pages Wolf Picture 3
Wolf Coloring Page Wolf Image 4
Wolf Drawing
Wolf Coloring
Wolf Face Drawing
Wolf Coloring

How to Draw a Wolf

~ click here for printable step by step instructions on how to draw a Wolf
How to draw a Wolf instructions

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