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Lucy Learns a Labor of Love
by a WHAM - Work from Home Mom
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~ Meet Mom
~ Hi I am a happy Stay at Home Mom to Maya and creator of
Lucy Learns- A Learning Resources for Teaching Kids Website

~People used to say "I have my head in the clouds" , always dreaming, always having such grand ideas and planning for the seemingly impossible.
~ My friends are now well used to me putting my money where my mouth is because usually I succeed with what I set out to do because I am blessed with vison, passion and enthusiasm.
~ I sold my profitable craft store when Maya was 4 years old and decisions had to be made how we wanted to proceed with our life.
~ Maya and I love learning and best of all learning together - so when I thought long and hard about homeschooling her the next question was "How to support our Lifestyle" whilst maintaining the freedom that we choose to life our life with .

~ Lots of brainstorming followed and I decided to look into the "Working from "Home Internet based Businesses Phenomenon"

All I knew was :
~ that I did not want to be stuffing envelopes
~ I did not want to cold-sell
~ nor did I want to work away from home and my daughter.

So thats were the adventure began... :-)

5 Reasons
Why I wanted to be Working from Home
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~ Freedom ~I love being with my daughter, homeschooling allows us to be as free with our learning adventures as we choose to be, working from home allows me to support our lifestyle and have fun at the same time

~Time Management ~ I love to work when it suits me, not when a tight schedule demands me too- I am a late riser and get creative in the evenings - so working at home moms get to choose when to put their energy to work effectively

~ Individuality - to follow my passion, to make something work when everybody else thinks I am crazy, to be who I am and to engage my brain creatively with no restrictions. To be different ,to be artistic sharing my talents freely and making money at the same time- to achieve a healthy balance by combining work and play

~ Flexibility - we travel a lot and I wanted passive income, not something that I needed to be tied to all the time - available 24/7. I wanted to be able to work from anywhere , laptop or computer access at hand , building my business wherever we happened to be

~ Education ~ to be able to learn, be active and engage my brain away from "Kids Stuff" yet making creative use of the daily kids stuff that is part of my life.

5 Reasons ~ Achieved !!!
From Stay at Home Mom to Earning WHAM
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~ Maya and I spent a lot of time learning together and whilst contemplating how to be able to create a home based internet marketing business whilst keep doing what we were doing the "Spark " occurred.

~I search high an low for good quality kids activities and learning resources on the web - but I am also an artist- so why not create a website based around our Learning Themes- that way I get to combine being with Maya and utilising our activities to create informative webpages with kids activities for others to share. I had absolutely no technical "Know How" on how to start building a website but certainly lots of enthusiams and passion for my project.

~ I did not know anything about HTML abd website coding, nor how to get it off the ground at all - but I do know how to find the answers I am looking for- with perserverance and passion

~ A friend recommended Sitesell an individual webbuilding company with that personal touch that so often is lacking in the Internet world and when I look at all the other Passionate Enthusiasts out there I knew I had found what I was looking for- A Niche, my niche that was simply perfect for what I wanted to be -a work from home mom- happy being a mom but fulfilled as a working woman.

~ But now the Big Question ? How and Where to get started?
First I downloaded the FREE Action Guide and I read, and I read and I read some more. I love the humorous format that made it easy reading rather than a chore- hey these guys actually had fun doing what they are doing this put me in the right frame of mind- above all in my book work has to be fun too not just a means to an end.

~ After reading the Action Guide my mind went into overdrive- so many ideas so many concepts and hey so many Amazing hints and Tips about the In's and Out's of Webtraffic I never knew existed - Suddenly the whole world of" Home based Internet marketing business practice" started to make sense - I actually saw how it was all put together behind the scenes- understandalbe in layman's terms- an eye opener to say the least

~ I spotted on their website that you now can take a "Quick Tour" of Sitebuilt Program I wish they had it when i started as I am such a visual learner - but hey I was happy anyway- and hugely inspired

~ With the Sitesell Package more than temptingly prized I took the plunge- but not really plunging at all as they have a "Money Back Guarantee" so nothing lost other than a few hours of playtime.

~ If you want to "Wham IT " too, then start with all the free resources , read, read read. - it is not a "get rich Quick" scheme, you need passion, enthusiam and at least 1 hour a day commited to building your buisiness.

~ And I have never looked back - Lucy Learns Website is doing amazingly well, I get to play, I get to travel,I get to work while I travel
( this is a picture of me and my laptop on our perfect family vacation in Mauritius-my motto Work Hard - Play Hard !!!)

I get to work when I want to work, I get to learn and be creative and I get to earn money doing what I love doing- Lucy Learns has been in the Top 1% off all internet websites, steadily holding its position.
As of March 2006 LucyLearns I receives over 30000 visitors a month bringing in a tidy income for me and my family-
So here I am and all I can happily say

From !!! Stay at Home Mom - to Income Earning WHAM
My MISSION is Accomplished !!!

Well almost :-) , building Lucy Learns was so easy that I have now 2 other websites in progress and one in the pipeline - cant wait to get started with that one- So keep watching this space .

Are you a Wannabe Webdesigner MOM too ?

Then here is where you can start to get inspired

~ Got a Passion? Do you love collecting Dolls? Are you brilliant at Cooking Rhubarb Recipes? Are you an Expert on Guinea Pig Care? You wont believe the variety of Niches that people are looking for information on. "Make your Knowledge Sell" lets you value what your knowledge, your expertise could be worth. Its Free to download so get inspired and take a good hard look at yourself- you might uncover a hidden, profitable talent you never really acknowledged you had. So often Stay at home moms underestimate themselves- Get Ready to be suprised and prove them all wrong !!

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SiteBuiltIt for Stay at home Mom's who want to work form home, have a happy family life and earn some income too

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